Gold Bullion Price Oz $ 1328 US / $1658 AUD 9k $17.19 14k $26.74 18k $34.38 22k $42.02 24k $45.84 | Prices Updated: Friday, 19 January 2018
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What We Buy

When selling gold at our Melbourne office we buy almost anything that has gold or silver, in this page you will find most of the gold and silver items you can sell to us in exchange for cash on the spot.

Selling your gold is a very fast and convenient process, we always have two people serving and use the best gold testing equipment to make your gold selling transaction as fast as possible.The special gold testing equipment also allow us to be extremely accurate.

Gold Buyers Melbourne has been Australia's highest paying gold buyer, helping you sell gold, sell silver and sell gold nuggets for the best gold prices in Melbourne. Cash for gold Melbourne, wants to let you know that selling gold is now the best time as Gold prices are at record high, now is the ideal time to sell gold in Melbourne to the most secure and trusted gold buyer in Australia. Sell gold bullion Melbourne and Sell gold jewellery in Melbourne to the gold buyer paying the most cash for gold in comparison to the other gold buyers. Selling gold in Melbourne is easy at our Melbourne Office. We buy all sorts of gold.

We Buy Gold at:
9 ct
per gram
14 ct
per gram
18 ct
per gram
22 ct
per gram
24 ct
per gram
Gold Bullion Bars: Click Here
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Prices Updated: Friday, 19 January 2018
Prices are subject to change.
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