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What To Expect When Selling Your Gold Jewellery

So, you’ve decided to sell gold jewellery, scrap, and other gold items, and get cash for gold – but you’re not sure what to expect when you sell your items, or where you should sell your gold.

How can you get the best price for scrap gold items in Melbourne once you decide to sell? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

Jewellery Stores May Not Accept Your Items

Gold items are very valuable, and pawn shops will usually charge you a fee when selling your jewellery or pawning it. You may not even get half the value of your gold.

And when it comes to selling pieces of jewellery, jewellery stores may also not be the best option. While they may accept things like engagement rings with precious stones, they’re usually not interested in older gold jewellery , or jewellery without precious stones, because it can be hard to sell. This is especially true of less-pure gold jewellery, which may be made out of lower-value 14k gold alloys, and have a low gold content.

Choose A Gold Buyer Instead Of A Pawn Shop Or Jewellery Store

Because of the above reasons, it’s a good idea to work with gold buyers in Melbourne when it comes to selling gold items and precious metal.

The prices that a gold buyer will give you are determined by current pure gold prices per troy ounce, (spot prices) and gold buyers will buy just about any gold item, no matter its level of purity – so you’ll get the most money for the least effort when you work with a gold buying company.

You’ll Need To Come In For A Consultation And To Have Your Gold Items Examined

If you want to sell your gold to a company like Gold Buyers Melbourne, the first step is to gather all of your gold together, and bring it into the office. Then, your gold buyer will determine the overall value of your gold. They will consider things such as:

  1. The overall weight and purity of the gold and metals you have brought

  2. The current spot price of gold and other precious metals like silver

  3. The ease of removing the gold and purifying it

Based on these factors, you’ll get an overall quote for the value of your gold items. You can usually expect to get somewhere between 70-80% of the spot price of your gold by weight. This is because gold buyers must buy gold at less-than spot price to make a profit, and cover their costs.

Interested In Selling Your Gold Jewellery? Visit Us Today!

At Gold Buyers Melbourne, we specialise in buying gold jewellery, scrap, and other precious metals. We offer the best prices, and make it easy for you to sell the gold items that you no longer need. To learn more and sell your gold jewellery in Melbourne, contact us online now, or come to our office at Level 14, Off 1411, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000