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When is the Best Time to Sell Gold and Silver

Selling your gold and silver bullion is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get cash on hand. When you sell your old gold nuggets or old silver or gold jewellery, you don’t have to deal with loans, banks, and interest rates. It’s no fuss no muss ordeal to get cash for gold. While you could possibly take your gold and silver coins to a pawn shop to sell, there’s a better way to get top dollar when you sell your precious metals. At Gold Buyers Melbourne, we specialise in buying gold and silver, offering competitive pricing you won’t find an average pawnshop. A lot of people will speculate on when it’s the best time to sell their bullion coin. Here’s what we believe as professional gold buyers.

Sometimes, timing is everything when it comes to getting top dollar for your gold.

There are a ton of factors that influence the spot price of gold and silver coins and bullion bars. It can be extremely difficult if not impossible, to predict the future spot price of a precious metal. We advise against trying to time the market. Sometimes, the best time to sell your gold or silver is when you need easy, quick, cash on hand. Gold and silver offer people peace of mind, knowing someone will always buy it for a fair price. Anyone can check to spot price of gold or silver to see what they can reasonably get for their old gold.

The nice thing about precious metals is that they don’t lose their value, corrode, or waste away. You can hang on to your gold for as long as you like until it reaches a price you’d like to get for it. The Perth Mint, one of the largest refining and retailing companies of gold in the world, will sometimes offer buyback prices for people selling their gold, but restrictions apply.

But it’s not always a good idea to sit on your gold or silver. Selling bullion or selling gold now can give you the chance to put that money into an investment vehicle that will provide you with a higher return. While gold and silver a safe haven to stash your cash, they won’t generate high returns like an investment account would.

Ready to sell your precious metals today?

Stop in and see us in Melbourne. We offer competitive pricing for gold and silver coins, bullion, and jewellery. Luxury watches and diamonds are also fair game. When you come to us wanting to sell your gold or silver, we’ll offer you a fair price on the spot. Get cash on hand or have the money deposited directly into a nominated bank account and take that vacation you’ve always wanted, finance a needed repair, or put that money to work for you in a high-yield account.