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Easy Gold Loans from Gold Buyers Pawn Shops Melbourne

We are transparent with our loan rates

$20.000+ 2-3% 2% 1%
$10.000+ 4% 3% 2%
$4.000+ 7% 4% 2.5%
$1.000+ 8% 5% 3%
$500+ 10% 6% 4%
$200+ 15% 10% 10%

We only lend on

We pawn gold at:

We Buy Gold at

9ct $20.26 per gram
14ct $31.61 per gram
18ct $40.52 per gram
22ct $49.49 per gram
24ct $54.02 per gram
Gold Bullion Bars: Click Here
Silver Bullion Bars: Click Here

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $18.23 per gram
14ct $28.45 per gram
18ct $36.47 per gram
22ct $44.54 per gram
24ct $48.62 per gram

Prices Updated: Wednesday, May 22 2019
Prices subject to supply and demand.

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We loan significantly more on your gold jewellery and diamonds than any other pawn shop in Melbourne. Plus giving you the best possible rate in Melbourne.

Don’t waste your time going from pawn shop to pawn shop looking for how much they charge. At Gold Buyers Melbourne we are open and freely show our rates saving you valuable time and most important money.

Don’t take your gold to a middle man pawn shop, Gold Buyers Melbourne having its own refinery can afford to lend you more for your gold than any company in the market.

We strongly suggest, if a pawn shop does not show their rates openly, they are probably not worth visiting. Stick to businesses that have their prices clearly displayed.

Identification Requirements

In order to pawn at Gold Buyers Melbourne YOU NEED ONE of the following identifications:

  • - Passport, or
  • - Drivers Licence, or
  • - A document issued by a statutory authority bearing a photograph eg. Firearms Licence, or
  • - Tertiary Education ID(photo)

Or two of the following identifications:

  • - Full Birth Certificate or Extracts of Birth Certificate
  • - Certificate of Australian Citizenship
  • - Marriage Certificate
  • - Cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs eg. Pension Concession Card

Life can be unpredictable, and you may find yourself a tough financial spot. If you have an unexpected obligation that you need to pay off – like an emergency, in fact – you would need to borrow money as quick finance to get the needed funds. If you could get a family member to loan you money, then that is excellent! However, getting loans from a lender is usually the way for you to go but this can be tough if you do not have a good credit rating. For people with poor credit score, how can they avail of a loan if they need to?

Fortunately, there are many options available. They could get a gold loan if they want! As its name suggests, this is a loan that is pledged against any item made of gold that the borrower has in hand. Because there is substantial value in collateral involved, the borrower needs not worry about his or her credit score as the value of the commodity itself guarantees the loan. Once the gold is evaluated and found to have great value, the borrower can consider his or loan to be approved.

People who own gold can go to Gold Buyers Melbourne. One can borrow amounts as high as $20,000, and on interest rates as low as 1.5%! Gold Buyers Melbourne will accept the following as collateral for its gold loans:

  • - Gold jewellery
  • - Diamonds
  • - Scrap gold
  • - Gold coins, watches and bullion

Last but not the least, pawning your gold with Gold Buyers Melbourne is hassle-free, convenient and safe. The company pays close attention to the safety and security of your valuable items, so they are there waiting for you to redeem them at the end of your loan. Plus, we are very open about our interest rates and payment information. There are no surprise fees and sudden costs to your periodic installments.