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Sell Gold Chains

Selling your unwanted gold chain(s) is a way to cash in on the current high price of gold. At Gold Buyer Melbourne our simple philosophy is, if you don’t use your jewellery you may as well make money from it and cash in while the price of gold is high. Selling your gold jewellery is much easier than you imagine.

Sell Gold Chains

We have a helpful team of Certified Valuers, qualified gemmologists and trained jewellers that will take care of all the gold testing and will explain interesting facts about gold and jewellery while its getting tested.

We accept any gold Jewellery, being a gold refinery we make use of almost anything that has gold or silver. We purchase the gold items from you then at the refinery we separate all the metals and impurities. The pure gold then gets turned in to Gold Bullion or Gold granules and it gets used again to manufacture more Gold jewellery.

Selling your Gold = Recycling, every time a gold jewellery item is sold to us, less gold needs to be mined out of the earth, minimising the damage to the soil and ecosystems. In other words, You are helping the environment.

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"Definitely the best price when it comes to gold in all of Melbourne, I’ve been buying and selling gold to Alex for years, I am very pleased to leave this good word to be put on the website.


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