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Buy & Sell Silver Bullion Bars

All silver bullion sales are subject to availability.
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Silver Bullion We Sell From We Buy Up To
1 kilo Silver Bullion $ 862.8 $ 796.44
1 oz Silver Bullion $ 29.68 $ 24.77
10 oz Silver Bullion $ 276.11 $ 247.72
100 oz Silver Bullion $ 2632.08 $ 2477.25
5 kilo Silver Bullion $ 4231.06 $ 3982.18
Prices Updated: Sunday, August 25 2019
The prices shown above are indications of Spot retail price and will only be updated during trading hours.
All bullion trading is operated by PP RENTALS PTY LTD.

Selling your silver bullion is a way to cash in on your investment(s), silver bullion as an investment can go up and can go down. Great investors know when the price is high and they exit, on the other hand when the price is low they buy. Right now the price of silver is very high. At Sell Your Gold we buy silver bullion for a superior rate.

Investments are all about buying and selling at exactly the right time. You do not just sell when you feel like it because you might end up being awarded a deal that is actually undervalued and is unfair. You deserve to earn more from your investments, and thus you should know when and even to whom you are going to sell your precious gold and silver bullion. Selling your gold and silver bullion requires study and excellent timing.

Why should you sell your silver bullion in the first place? Right now, people are no longer seeing hard currency and stocks as the ideal vehicles to put their money into. Instead, people are looking into commodities as investment vehicles for their money. With the increased demand and the decreasing supply, the law of economics state that the prices for silver, gold and other precious commodities are going to go up. Right now, they are at an all-time high making it ideal for you to sell any piece of silver, including silver bullion and silver coins. You could earn a lot from your silver products at this point. Prices could still go up tomorrow, but the market is uncertain. It is best to cash in now as this is the highest it could go!

There are many companies that are engaging in the trade of buying silver bullion, as well as other commodities like gold, platinum and palladium. Since this is a business, everyone buys and sells differently. Hence, if you are going to be selling your silver bullion or any precious commodity that you have, you would have to look at your options first before you make a choice. Give Gold Buyers Melbourne a try! We buy silver bullion, silver bars, as well as gold bars, gold pendants, scrap gold and many other precious metals.

We Buy Gold at

9ct $24.4 per gram
14ct $38.06 per gram
18ct $48.8 per gram
22ct $59.6 per gram
24ct $65.06 per gram
Gold Bullion Bars: Click Here
Silver Bullion Bars: Click Here

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $21.96 per gram
14ct $34.25 per gram
18ct $43.92 per gram
22ct $53.64 per gram
24ct $58.55 per gram

Prices Updated: Sunday, August 25 2019
Prices subject to supply and demand.

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