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The Process

Selling your GOLD jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, gold / silver bars and gold coins in Melbourne has never been easier with our convenient Melbourne Office.

No appointment required, simply come into our office and get cash for your valuable items. Just remember to bring suitable identification on the day.

Cash for GOLD, diamonds and luxury watches, we pay you cash REAL CASH on the spot giving you PEACE OF MIND.

FOR LARGE SALES to us please call us to PRE-BOOK the cash amount, we can also pay you by bank cheque or bank transfer when requested.

Your GOLD is tested using a top of the line gold tester called XRF, we test the gold right in front of you where you can see the results on the screen. When it comes to testing GOLD here at Gold Buyers Melbourne, we take the process very serious that’s why we spent $30,000 buying the best XRF in the market.

Selling your Diamond engagement ring and loose diamonds, we have 2 qualified gemmologist in our office that will assess and value your diamond items on the spot. We will give you a quote on your items and pay you cash on the spot.

Selling your luxury watches, easy and hassle-free at our Melbourne office

Are you in the trade?

  • We charge no refining fees!
  • We buy based on the Carat or Melt and Assay!
  • No quantity too big or too small!
  • Come to our office or we come to you!
  • Free listing on our mother website!

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We Buy Gold at:
9 ct
per gram
14 ct
per gram
18 ct
per gram
22 ct
per gram
24 ct
per gram
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Prices Updated: Sunday, 18 November 2018
Prices are subject to change.

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